Basement and Crawl Space Flood Cleanup Services in Georgia

Basement and crawl space flood cleanup Water Restoration Services & Emergency Plumbing Services

Services for basement flood cleanup in Atlanta and the metropolitan area

Do you have any idea what to do if your basement floods and you need an emergency water cleanup? The flood damage specialists at can assist you in understanding the initial steps in resolving your basement issues.

In most cases, floods are unpredictable.

From what basement floods are most often caused:

  1. Poor drainage around the foundation walls.
  2. Powerful storms.
  3. Broken sump pump.
  4. Broken devices.

Some basements include floor drains to prevent floods and damage to the walls and floor. These drains frequently become blocked by dirt and debris, preventing water from spraying out. Sump pumps are another feature of certain houses; they operate by transferring water away from the building and into the closest drainage sewer. Your basement can flood if the sump pump breaks down and is unable to take away the water. The foremost priority after a basement flood is to eliminate any standing water and properly dry out your basement.

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What should you do when your basement or crawl space floods?

Prime steps in basement flooding:

  • Turn off the gas and electricity in the area. If you don’t know how to do it, give us a call, and we’ll give you instructions or send a specialist to do it right.
  • Look for the source and cause of the flooding. The couple of main causes of a flooded basement are an excessive amount of rain and a busted pipe.
  • If your basement has a drain, check to see if it is clogged. Only accomplish this step if you have the proper equipment and it is safe.
  • Next, remove the water from your basement. Depending on the amount of water, there are two solutions. If the water is minor, you could remove it yourself using towels, a mop or a wet vacuum. However, if the amount is more serious, you will need a sump pump to drain the water.
  • Not all possessions will be saved. If it takes more than a few days to dry them, you will most likely lose them. All items, even those in boxes, should be inspected for mould. 
  • To encourage speedy drying of the flooded region, put fans around the area.  A dehumidifier can greatly help with the drying process.

When should you seek professional help?

It’s generally a good idea to contact a water damage restoration specialist if your basement is flooded, especially if the water is more than a foot deep. Also, if many objects are moist or beginning to accumulate mould. The risk of mildew growth may significantly increase the damage and costs. That’s why it must be reduced as soon as the water is removed and the drying process is started.

Due to the fact that we frequently handle tasks in this environment, we have the expertise, credentials, and information required to assist you in handling the cleanup of a flooded basement fast. Let us handle the difficulty and restore functionality to your basement.

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When you need help the most, Smfirewatermold’team of water cleaning specialists is always on call to deal with a flooded basement. And, if necessary, address the issue rapidly to limit subsequent water damage. Our skilled personnel will complete water recovery tasks in accordance with industry standards for flood damage and water damage repair.

Basement and Crawl Space Flood Cleanup Services in Atlanta Metro Area

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Basement and crawl space flood cleanup Water Restoration Services & Emergency Plumbing Services
Basement and crawl space flood cleanup Water Restoration Services & Emergency Plumbing Services