The reviews are of clients who have used our water and flood damage restoration services in Atlanta and the entire state of Georgia

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Smfirewatermold and their water restoration services in Atlanta and the surrounding area: Testimonials


I am the owner of a real estate company. Our activities are concentrated in Atlanta and the surrounding area. In early April 2022 two of our properties were affected by inclement weather and flooded. For one of the properties, we hired the specialists from to take care of the water damage. Thank you for the perfect job, guys! We are impressed with your professionalism and the speed with which you handled the situation. You saved us!

Joe Profuro / Atlanta


The simultaneous failure of both our sump pumps resulted in severe flooding of the basement and ground floor of our house. We needed a quick solution because things were literally getting worse by the minute. The guys from Smfirewatermold responded and were at our property within the hour. They pumped out the flood water, dried everything, and disinfected. I am very satisfied, and God forbid, but if anything were to happen in the future, I know I could count on them.

Yona Belizario / Rex/GA


Evil never comes alone, wise men have said. And it always happens in the dark. The storm broke the levees of the local dam. When I woke up in the middle of the night the water had already flooded our property. My cousin recommended Smfirewatermold and I will be forever grateful for it. They literally saved us!

Mika / Jonesboro/GA


A terrible mould appeared after the flood, which slid everywhere and was about to destroy what little grain remained intact in the barn. It was also dangerous for people. We turned to the local authorities for help. But all we got was advices and well wishes. So we followed Baron Munchausen’s example and pulled ourselves out of the swamp. With the invaluable help from! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Bradley Bazuno / Marietta/GA


Smfirewatermold are the best water & flood restoration company in Atlanta! They work quickly, professionally and at discount prices. They responded very quickly to our emergency call, for which I thank them. These guys are our local superheroes! All they need are red capes and superhero costumes 🙂 Joking aside, they really are very good.

Rose Hansen / Atlanta


We are a local logistics company. Our warehouses and offices are spread throughout Atlanta and the surrounding area. We have been working with Smfirewatermold for 5 years now. They take care of our plumbing and water damage restoration issues. Always been absolutely correct and perfect in their work. I recommend them sincerely

Ben Headley / Main Office Atlanta/GA