Mold Remediation Services in Georgia

Mold Remediation Services in Georgia. Flood damage restoration in Atlanta and the metropolitan area

Do you have mold damage in your home or office? Mold remediation services for Atlanta and the metropolitan area

Mold treatment and remediation stops the spread of spores, pollutants, allergens, and poisons that might endanger the entire structure and everyone inside. Do you require mold removal services? Do you think you may have mould growth concealed in the walls, below the carpet, or underneath the flooring? The Environmental Protection Agency advises contacting a certified mold damage remediation firm for your house or office. 

You must strictly adhere to the instructions, even for mere problems. If not, you incur the risk of seriously endangering your condition and the wellness of your family or personnel. Additionally, you’ll be responsible for dispersing minuscule spores into the air, perhaps escalating the epidemic.

Why choose for mold remediation?

For immediate help or specialized expertise, you may get in touch with us any time, any day of the year. Our company offers full-range fire, mould, and water damage repair, removal, and restoration services. We are insured, registered, and licensed.  Our specialists are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and restoration certification in a variety of disciplines. In order to more effectively servе you, we also possess cutting-edge technology and provide an extensive guarantee. performs a free examination & consultation, after which we will offer you an accurate offer.

Process for removing and remediating mould

There are several different initial reasons of mould growth. Including: 

  • sewage backups;
  • plumbing issues that lead to moisture deposition behind walls and under the floor; 
  • spilling leading to wet carpet; 
  • insufficient ventilation in a bathroom;
  • flooding.

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Hidden wetness can cause unnoticed problems because mould is a fungus and doesn’t need light to develop. Even a minor plumbing leak within a wall has the potential to spread and cause increasing amounts of water damage. In addition, mould itself harms a variety of paper, textiles, and porous construction materials.

Getting ready

Before beginning the real mould removal process, our professionals engage in a considerable amount of planning. They conducted tests and inspections to determine the precise type, location, and scope of the issue.

By separating the work area, specialists safeguard you and your house from health dangers while also protecting themselves. That entails putting up plastic barriers, placing HEPA filters to eliminate tiny particles, and precisely positioning and controlling negative-pressure outflow ventilators.

Removing mould

Our certified specialists are skilled, knowledgeable, and will implement the most suitable procedures for your specific situation. There are non-toxic chemical cleansers, wire brushing and sanding, as well as high efficiency particulate air vacuuming.

Large surfaces on homes or commercial buildings can be cleaned quickly with our dry ice “blasting” technology.

Mould treatment

In case some spores do persist, we’ll next proceed with steps like using a safe mildicide. The afflicted sections may then be repaired with our mould damage restoration process, including painting, to bring everything back to its previous appearance.   

Odour eliminating

You could still smell unpleasant after big issues, particularly sewage and mould combos.  Wherever they may be hidden, unpleasant odors will be neutralized by our distinctive and environmentally friendly ozone generators. We may also use our thermal fogging equipment to eliminate odors from fabrics like drapes and upholstered furniture.

Mold Remediation Services in Atlanta Metro Area

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Mold Remediation Services in Georgia
Mold Remediation Services in Georgia