Emergency Plumbing After Flood Damage

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Smfirewatermold provides emergency plumbing services to Atlanta and the metro area

Emergency plumbing after flood: every day of the week, 24 hours a day, our plumbers are at your disposal!

There is never a good moment for a pipe to burst or to water disaster occurs on your property. But don’t worry. Any time on a holiday or a weekday, our plumbers will answer your emergency call. We have twelve years of experience and are capable of handling any circumstances. We’ll take your call, provide you a prompt response, and fix the problem. It`s a promise!

Local emergency plumbers with experience

Professional plumbing services are offered by our firm in Atlanta and the Metro Area. This includes entire spectre of plumbing and water restoration services, including plumbing emergencies. Plumbers at Metroplumbingdrains are licenced to install and repair plumbing systems in both residential and commercial buildings. We may visit you whenever it’s convenient for you or immediately respond to your call.

Act quickly and without panic when water disaster occurs

When a water disaster is on the doorstep of your home or office, or has already happened, you need to act expeditiously:

  1. Stop the water leak, if possible.
  2. Shut off the circuit breakers to the rooms affected by the water leak if it is safe to do so.
  3. Remove breakable objects and furniture from water-affected rooms to prevent damage to those items.
  4. Call a professional for water removal services. The more time it takes for a professional to get to the scene and remove the water, the more likely it will be that water damage will occur, mold will proliferate, and flooring or other fixtures will be ruined.

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Smfirewatermold.com offers emergency flood restoration services for Atlanta and Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

What are the main stages in the water damage restoration process?

Stage one

You or an expert must locate the water threats’s source and put a stop to it.

Occasionally the cause of the water devastation is easy to identify.  No matter what, the initial phase is to locate the water damage cause and then take action to prevent it from causing matters worse.

Stage two

Analyse the water damage’s extent and restrict the damaged regions.

This crucial stage guarantees that all water damage is fully reduced, safeguarding you against mould growth and other lingering issues, and stops the water damage from migrating to other parts of the property while the remediation procedure is taking place.  Water has a peculiar capacity to penetrate and disseminate into nearly all the surfaces, including floors, walls, and other obstacles.  Frequently, the presence of water damage cannot be felt or even seen with the human eye.  To find all the damaged locations, we employ humidity meters and thermal imaging devices. The harm remains localised and you are shielded from persisting issues in the future by proper protection.

Stage three  

Demolition and cleaning

Sometimes water causes such damage that some parts of the building have to be completely demolished and removed. This saves the framing and substructure and prevents other damage, such as bacterial infection and mold.  Similar developments are possible in larger flood situations. Or when heavily contaminated sewer water has entered the building. In such circumstances such a step is imperative. Before starting demolition activities, our team will make every effort to save your property. Not all personal belongings and furniture can be saved. We will help you understand what is irreversibly damaged and what can be salvaged. Your possessions will then be separated and stored in a safe place.

Stage four

Removing water, drying it off, and cleaning it up.

The impacted area is being prepared for drying and water removal.  Our certified technicians will remove any moisture that remains, start with the process of drying, and sanitise the damaged area to avoid the growth of germs and mould.  This procedure typically takes three to four days, however timeframes might vary.

Stage five


After your property has been cleaned, dried and all debris removed, the work of restoring your home (or office) will begin. The project coordinator will work closely with you. He will provide you with possible options for restoring the destroyed parts of the affected area.  Once you have clarified with the project coordinator what you want, he will make sure that the affected area is restored to your requirements.  For us, the most important thing is that the customer remains satisfied. This is the point at which our work is complete.

What can you expect from Smfirewatermold.com Emergency Flood & Water Removal Experts?

Provide guidance on how to minimize damage until the specialist comes.

Quickly analyse the condition, set up a plan of action for the homeowner, and estimate the cost before work starts.

Eliminate any standing water right away.

As necessary, we remove water from padding and carpets.

We apply an anti-microbial treatment to the afflicted regions to stop the growth of bacteria.

To speed up drying, we use dehumidifiers and dryers.

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