Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration Services in Georgia

Smoke and fire restoration services in Atlanta and Atlanta metro area. Water and flood repair. Water extraction. Water removal services. Emergency water and flood restoration services.

Why is speed crucial in Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration?

You can trust to restore normalcy to your life after a disaster like a fire and the damage they, together with smoke, can do to your property.

The crucial period right after a fire. To protect your home, may secure windows and cover rooftops.

If not dealt with promptly by a licensed fire restoration firm, remaining smoke or water might result in further damage and health problems. We are available to you via phone call around-the-clock and are ready to help.

What are the basic steps in the fire and smoke restoration process?

1.     Inspection and ensuring site security

How do we secure damaged property?

Your property will be inspected to evaluate the degree of the damage before the fire damage repair procedure begins. We’ll discuss our strategy for starting the restoration. After that, we’ll help you gather any personal goods you might need or want before securing the home (or office).  

2.     Inventory and pack-out

How do we proceed with the inventory? will compile a detailed list of all fire or smoke affected items in your home. We will do this so that you are properly informed and aware of which ones will be packed out during the restoration process. We will decide which ones are likely to be restored and which ones have no chance. When it comes to restoration, we are professionals and take extra care with things like photos and family artefacts that can be irreplaceable. Items that are crucial to you can be prioritized, restored, and promptly returned. Until the entire job is finished, all of your priceless items will be safely preserved. 

3.     Fire and smoke damage

What are the solutions for Fire & Smoke damage?

Any parts of the structure damaged by fire will be removed in preparation for reconstruction. This also begins the process of removing damaging soot and smoke. Our technicians utilize air scrubbers, hydroxyl and ozone generators to completely remove even the slightest smoke odors. The COIT Restoration Team will work until your home or business is restored. 

4.     Cleaning and return to the places

Why are among the best?

We are proud to say that at we are true virtuosos in cleaning and restoring damaged property. You can be 100% sure that all affected areas of your home or office will be perfectly cleaned, and then restored. Once we make sure that all hazardous damage is removed, a complete cleaning is performed, our team will put your personal possessions back in their place and replace them.

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Fire & Smoke Restoration Services include:

  • complete service for remediation and renovation;
  • dry cleaning and packing out of items of clothing, footwear, beddings;
  • quick treatment of the most important possessions;
  • cleaning and odour neutralization for smoking;
  • non-damaging cleaning and renovation techniques;
  • cleaning of the construction;
  • restoration of furniture;
  • cleaning of carpets;
  • cleaning of rug areas;
  • cleaning of air conditioning and ventilation ducts;
  • Other services of

Health and safety are most important to us

It is crucial for the physical and mental well-being of your family to get in touch with our fire damage specialists as soon as possible following an unfortunate event. The residence’s underlying structure might benefit from fire damage rehabilitation as well.

You can breathe securely and enjoy great air quality thanks to fire reconstruction.

Inhaling hazardous residues left over from a fire is dangerous. During the cleaning process, we use specialised equipment to remove these substances from the internal surfaces. Every member of your family can once again breathe fresh, clean air when you return home.

A successful reconstruction of your home will also restore your positive emotions. You certainly don’t want smoke damage to bring up memories of a horrific incident. Our staff expertly cleans all surfaces, including the furniture, walls, floors, and plush toys. To put it another way, when we’re finished, it’ll be as if the fire never occurred.

Fire renovation is an important proactive step.

The possibility of problems with moisture rapidly rises if a fire has harmed your home’s roof or exterior walls. Because of this, we react rapidly to repair the surfaces, safeguard the basement, and foundation structure. This stops further harm.

Emergency, Safe, and Flexible Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration Services

Our company has the perfect equipment and trained personnel to handle even the most complex fire and smoke damage in Atlanta and the county. Please do not hesitate to contact us if your house or workplace has sustained significant damage. Our certified professionals can manage the damage restoration and cleanup as quickly as feasible. As a result, you and your family (or your colleagues) will be able to return to your home (or office) faster than expected. We know how important it is for everyone to return to normalcy after a disaster like this, and we will do everything we can to make sure that happens quickly and safely.

Smoke and fire restoration services in Atlanta and Atlanta metro area. Water and flood repair. Water extraction. Water removal services. Emergency water and flood restoration services.
Smoke and fire restoration services in Atlanta and Atlanta metro area. Water and flood repair. Water extraction. Water removal services. Emergency water and flood restoration services.